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Personal digital safe in pocket

Encrypt your usb flash drive using Master Voyager

Simply connect encrypted USB Flash Drive to USB port and enter password. And then work with files in the secure zone as with usual usb stick: copy/move/delete files, even launch application, watch movies.

Drag and drop files between regular folder on internal hard drive and secure zone on encrypted USB Stick.

Use encrypted flash drive on another computers. You do not need to install any software on other computers.

The license agreement of Master Voyager allows registered users to create unlimited number of protected discs/usb sticks. No artifical limitation to the number of protected media.



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It can do almost everything you desired!

I’ve been searching for a utility to password protect removable media for long, possibly a free one but without any luck until recently, I came across Master Voyager – a commercial program which satisfies my needs and even supersedes my expectations. I guess many of you are not aware of the solution and that’s why I write about an application that can do almost everything you desired regarding protection of content on removable media.

Agnivo Roy, The Blogger